We know that it isn't always easy to decide which silhouette is most flattering for different body types, and since most of our designs are available in a variety of versions (ie: full length A-line, full length column, ball skirt, etc.) the task of choosing a dress can be especially overwhelming.

The freedom of ordering one style-type or color in different versions allows you to match the most flattering silhouette to the individual wearing the dress and still unify the look of your bridal party.

To assist you in making a selection, we have put together a few suggestions regarding the relationship between body types and silhouettes. One important point to remember overall is that we offer both A-line and column versions of most of our dresses but the column is not ideal for everyone's figure. The A-line dresses are more universally flattering for a variety of body types and are much more popular. We hope you will find the following useful:

You're Petite

A straight sheath or A-line will work well- these shapes create a long uninterrupted line. Stay with open, sexier necklines, try strapless and off-the- shoulder styles. 3/4-length sleeves will add a few inches to your height. Stay clear of big ball gown skirts and dresses with voluminous fabric, as they might look like they're wearing you.

You're thick waisted/boxy

An empire-waist dress will draw attention to your upper torso and not your waist. These dresses are cut generously at the mid section making an empire silhouette the ideal choice for someone who needs just a little extra room around the tummy. Do stay away from natural waist designs to avoid possible extensive alterations.

You're thin

A ball gown will make you look like a beautiful ballerina. It's a very feminine shape that will balance out your overall silhouette. Don't choose off-the- shoulder or strapless necklines, for they might emphasize your prominent collarbone.

You're pear-shaped

A strapless ball gown or any A-line dress will cover your lower torso and focus on your upper half; an off-the-shoulder neckline will balance the proportion between your upper and lower body. A column dress can be unflattering, and a straight skirt of any length is surely a no-no.

You're larger-busted

Do try strapless or any neckline that goes straight across the front, they will draw the attention to your shoulders and as a bonus, they also give you great support across your bust-line. Try to stay away from halters or dresses with a criss-cross neck line, these designs tend to work better for those who are smaller up top.

You're full-figured

Try dresses or tops that are strapless or off-shouldered. Ball gowns with very bare necklines and a nipped-in waist usually have a slimming effect. Do avoid slim column dresses and tops or dresses with sleeves for they will accent any extra inches.

You're Tall

Tall women look great in everything from column-dresses to A-line and voluminous ball gowns. Accentuate your collarbone with a fitted bodice and open neckline. Stay away from gowns that have long or 3/4 sleeves for they tend to add inches to the wearer.

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