After researching the bridal industry and talking to thousands of brides during their years of manufacturing bridesmaid dresses, Aria and their partners realized that there is a flaw in the bridal gown shopping experience in which brides often have to wait for over 6 months before receiving their wedding dresses, which is made to a standard size that will require tremendous amount of alterations that must be performed by a local seamstress or tailor who is not familiar with the construction of the garment. 99 percent of these dresses are also likely to be made overseas, from countries such as China and Mexico, where labor cost is low and labor laws are not often obeyed and followed.

Aria came up with the idea of creating a carefully curated and thought-out bridal collection of about 30 dresses, all made with luxurious material such as silk organza and Alencon lace, in which all necklines, bodice and skirt styles would mix-and-match well so that a bride may pick and choose to create their very own design combination. Think fashion paper doll game 🙂 Dress prices are also a big concern of brides who are shopping for their wedding, Prices of wedding gowns from the Aria Brides collection range from $1,400 to $3,000.

Instead of making brides wait 6 months or longer to see their wedding dress, Aria is able to produce their wedding dresses in less than 3 months right in the heart of Los Angeles’ garment district by seasoned seamstresses an tailors.

So please feel free to browse through our wedding gown design page, and should you have any questions or just need some advice on styles or fit, please call us at 1-213-765-0228 or contact us here and we will be glad to assist you.

This is a new and exciting concept that is sure to revolutionize the bridal industry along with the bridal gown shopping experience.

Aria is proudly listed in the Green Bride Guide. All Aria’s wedding dresses are made in the USA.