What you’ll need in order to determine your dress size:

#1 Your bust: the fullest part of your bust line with only the bra on that you intend to wear with your bridesmaid dress. (please note that your bra size is not the same as your bust measurement).

#2 Your waist: the narrowest part of your torso(approximately 2″ above your belly button).

#3 Your hips: that… will be the fullest part of your bottom, approximately 9″ measuring from your waist down. 

Please make sure that the measuring tape is wrapped around your body nice and snug, not so tight that you are uncomfortable, just nice and snug so that you will get an accurate reading.

Our advice: If you do opt for getting yourself measured by a professional, it may be a good idea to re-check those measurements yourself by following our instructions here.

Do make sure that you choose your dress size carefully, AriaDress does not have dresses in stock and therefore returns and exchanges are not available. 

Please refer to our size chart below to determine your dress size. Please note that AriaDress dresses are shipped in standard sizes and not made to individual’s measurements. Please be sure to use our size charts carefully. To achieve a perfect fit, some alterations should be expected.

Measurements “all over” size chart?

If your 3 measurements do not match up to one of the dress sizes, we suggest that you consider ordering your dress using the largest of your 3 measurements. Just remember, it is always easier to take in a dress rather than to let one’s seams out. If you should need to have your dress let out, please note that our dresses are all constructed with a seam allowance of 1/2″.

*Another option is to order your dress in a “split size”. For instance, if your bust measurement puts you in a size 10, your waist suggests a size 6 and your hip measurement falls into a size 12 range, for an additional cost, we can create a custom pattern that will accommodate all 3 of your measurements. (In this instance you would then order your size as such: 10/6/12).


Our skirt lengths

All our full-length bridesmaids dresses fall approximately 44″ from the natural waistline and the knee-length at approximately 24″. Extra length of 6″ may be added for an additional cost; please specify if extra length is desired by checking the appropriate box on your order form. 


Standard, petite or tall?

Our designs are made to accommodate women of average height, which is 5’5″ to 5’6″. If you are 5’4″ or under we often do recommend that you consider ordering your dress as a petite(petite means that the torso part of the garment is shortened vertically by about 1.5″, while the length of skirt remains the same as standard sizing). There is no extra charge for a petite pattern. Please indicate by adding a letter “P” next to your dress size. The same may be true if you are taller but consider youself short-waisted. 

If you are 5’11” or taller, do consider ordering your dress in a tall pattern(tall means that only the torso part of the garment is lengthened vertically by about 1.5″; tall pattern will not make the skirt any longer than a standard skirt). There is no extra charge for a tall pattern. Please indicate by adding a letter “T” next to your dress size. The length of skirt on a “tall pattern” dress will remain the same as standard sizing, extra length of 6″ can be added to the length of skirt if desired for an extra cost

Our recommendations are based on averages and will not apply to everyone of those heights. If you typically wear petite or tall then that may be an indicator so use your best judgment.

Woman size chart